Title: Air Hostesses Make Up

Description: Air Hostesses Make Up is awesome free online make up game. Air hostesses are always very well cared and they look like models. Air Hostesses are so amazing and gentle. They are very stylish as well. They welcome people with brilliant smiles and help them when they have difficulties. Here in this fun game you will meet this nice girl, she is a hostess too and soon she will be going to Italy. This girl has a great potential to be the prettiest air hostess. She want to look very fashionable. You have to help her and make her very beautiful. Try to prepare her and make her make-up. She must look as beautiful as she can. Put make up on her and change her outfit. Give your best in order to make her stunning. First identify the intensity of her tan, then change the color of her eyes and her lipstick, also you can add accessories like a hat, jewelry, sunglasses, a scarf or a bag. You could also change the background color behind her. Have fun playing this very fun and interesting free online make up game!

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Air Hostesses Make Up

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